Sad Twerking music.
Drunk in Love Remix by FrankJavCee

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Kids Without Instruments | Selena Gomez | Come and Get It.

I think this song is about sex.
Here’s our version of it.

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Stop making me wait
You’ve got enough of my attention
And I haven’t got all day
I’ve tried my best to release the tension

You have me by the neck and i am hanging by your rope
You can’t see past my words and I am trying not to choke.

I love the chase.

I live day to day
Anticipating the way I know you’ll shake me by the way.
Is this enough to get your heart racing

I heard you know your way around
So show me what you got
For everything I need is you and you are all I got.

I love the chase.

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Kids Without Instruments + FUCK YOU.MP3 (DEMO)

You’re giving me the cold shoulder
Can’t imagine what coming next
Should I wait til this is over
In the fallout safe and under all distress

I can’t wait for you
I’ve been tied down to your sleep
I know the secrets that you keep
What’s there left to do?
If you keep on changing your mind
Maybe I should find mine

You keep my expectations riding high
But pull me down oh so low
Is it time we both said goodbye
Your cold voice tells me that it is time to go

I won’t turn back for you
But you have got a hold,
One that makes me lose control
What’s there left to do?
If you keep on changing your mind maybe I should find mine.

Just a taste of the new EP.

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Kids Without Instruments - Don’t Let Go (Upside Down Lyric Video) (by CremeFraicheLabel)