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I remember I made this track in my smoking outta a coke can days. 
I skipped class one afternoon and put Video Games in FL Studio. I beat synced it and just started playing drums over it. I remember I made the vocal melody before I added any of the other instrumentals. Then halfways through I started having trouble deciding what to do. I smoked a bowl outta my coke can and decided to make my own beat. I looked for a picture that looked how I felt, so I googled Lana Del Rey and looked for a picture that I felt the most connection with. Then uploaded it on YouTube.
I know I wrote a really random description. IDK I’m feeling extra writty.
This probably took me an entire day to complete from morning to like late afternoon. I had a lot of free time when I didn’t go to class, that’s probably why I liked ditching school to make music.
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