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Velvet Neon Lights

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Nobody Loved Me Enough

I’m a sinner in a darkened room.
You’re the habit that I cut too soon.

I only want you to stay because, because…
Don’t feel sorry for me.
Nobody loved me enough.

I only want you…

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Here’s an old song we wrote back in Spring 2012.
It’s about things.

Father forgive me for I have sinned
Four years I think it’s been
I have been tempted but I don’t regret it
Is there room for me in your heaven?

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Stop making me wait
You’ve got enough of my attention
And I haven’t got all day
I’ve tried my best to┬árelease┬áthe tension

You have me by the neck and i am hanging by your rope
You can’t see past my words and I am trying not to choke.

I love the chase.

I live day to day
Anticipating the way I know you’ll shake me by the way.
Is this enough to get your heart racing

I heard you know your way around
So show me what you got
For everything I need is you and you are all I got.

I love the chase.

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Kids Without Instruments - Nausea Nostalgia (Official Video) (by Creme Fraiche)


Tell me now what is the purpose of you being here today
Have you come to throw your new life in my face
I don’t mind staying behind as long as you’re not near
You missed a lot but it’s getting late you should get back my dear

I don’t care where you’ve been and what you’ve done
You still don’t see the repercussions in the long run

If we can bury the past the past instead of letting it thrive
Then we could both move on this love has long since died
Tell me, what makes you think you can walk right back into my life
You think your special to me when i really want you out of my sight

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