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Loitering Interview: Kids Without Instruments

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FrankJavCee || Intro
Frankie Wouldn’t Mind

I’ve heard this while Frankie was adding the last bits in and it sounds almost frightening. It honestly makes me feel like I’m walking alone in the dark with the feeling that someone’s following me. It sounds insanely cool, though, regardless.

This EP is finally underway.
Expect a lot of pianos and sadness.
This is all about what’s been going on in my head over the past year and a half. Lots of evil dark shit.

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FrankJavCee || Schizo

I was inspired to make a track based off this video.

I first started to hear a voice in my head when I was ten years old.
It was an older mans voice
And I thought it was an angel
I thought it was sent from above, and I believed everyone had this voice but we didn’t talk about it.
A couple years later I said to my friend about this voice and I expected him to say, “Yeah I got it as well.” 
He just laughed and thought I was messing around.
I was still convinced that we were all walking around with a voice in our heads an angel.

As the years went on…
The voice that was once alright, started to torment me.

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Here’s a file containing 33 tracks I produced between Fall 11’ and Spring 12’.

Basically this is how my feels sounded for the past few months.

This is some really personal rare shiz. You can listen to the content of the ZIP folder in my HULKSHARE tracks playlist things… I dunno HULKSHARE is kinda lame, I only like it for the player and the sharing options.

Agahnim (by FrankJavCee)

I was sad, so I sampled a lot of Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past snippets. Named after the wizard that’s a douche.


Kids Without Instruments

Performing Phantom Love for the first time ever.
At the CSULB Union love songwriting contest for Valentines Day.
We ended up getting first cause this was before the Harlem Shake even went all viral so no one knew what the fuck I was doing.

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Sad Girls Smoke || Kids Without Instruments
We made this today


I’m a sinner in a darkened room

You’re the habit that I cut too soon.

I only want you to stay.

Because…. because…

Don’t feel sorry for me.

Nobody loved me enough

Nobody loved me enough

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Kids Without Instruments || Phantom Love [Antlers Remix] (by FrankJavCee)

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FrankJavCee - Sickness
I made this today.
It’s an old song a wrote in high school rewrote for right now.
It’s about being sick. 

I think I have the sickness and I’ve lost control.  
Tell me what is it you think you have and does it shake you to the core?
I think I have the sickness and I’ve lost my mind.
Tell me what is it you think you have cause I’m feeling fucking fine.

I swear I was doing fine til I started noticing I wasn’t feeling so good.
The television screen asked me to get screened if I experienced the following symptoms.
Apathy lack of me
Jealousy rivalry
Lack of sleep, nothing to eat, it kept going and going.

I thought to myself…
Lost in thought, what’s the use of fixing this feeling.
Am I not normal am I not healthy am I not a human being?
Again I felt the cold dark hands upon my sunken chest…
A beating open wound against that which continued to  persistent  

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Velvet Lights by Kids Without Instruments

Lights are so bright someone please take me home, I don’t want to be here, but I don’t want to be alone.

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FrankJavCee - So 

Freely feeling the waves
This love cannot be tamed

Broken hearts fall
The rising sun has seen it all

I’m so… so so so so so so so so so….

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Sylvia - Kids Without Instruments

Here’s a demo to an old song.
It’s a Sylvia Plath  poem. 

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